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Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. selects Grand Prix Audio for ongoing product development and demonstrations

Utah's famous loudspeaker manufacturer Wilson Audio has selected Grand Prix Audio's Monaco Modular equipment isolation system from among competitors costing up to three times as much, to serve as their ongoing reference for development, auditions and demonstrations of its world-class loudspeaker systems. Wilson Audio's John Giolas oversaw a year of exhaustive comparisons whereby the Wilson Audio team evaluated a number of upper echelon equipment support solutions for use in their facility and at upcoming tradeshows. Grand Prix Audio's carbon-composite based, 6 degrees of freedom-enabled standard Monaco Modular system proved superior in every aspect to the competition..

We are very proud to be endorsed by as engineering-driven a company as Wilson Audio. At this level of excellence, cost is no object. While our systematic addresses at resonance isolation and vibration attenuation are admittedly not cheap, the fact that we objectively and subjectively -- measured and in the listening seat -- outperformed other solutions which were significantly more costly proves that while uncompromised quality does have its price, it needn't be as high as some would have you believe.

Please visit us at to learn more about the Monaco Modular and our Monaco turntable which, like our isolation products, sets new standards for precision engineering, advanced composite material implementations and a truly comprehensive address of all critical aspects that are pertinent to ultimate performance. You'll discover that our results are firmly grounded in scientific principles and a rigorous reliance on sophisticated measurements, disciplines without which the dangerous sport of car racing from which our head designer Alvin Lloyd stems would be more dangerous yet. When winning matters, it's good to be on the winning time. Grand Prix Audio.

We tried all the tuning devices - cones, rollers, flexible feet, you name it. And they all made a difference. But, we always felt as though we were compensating for one problem with a band-aid. It never seemed like a complete "fix." We tried various shelves from all the top companies. Wow, they also made a difference! Still, it seemed like we were still "tuning." It wasn't really isolation.

When a few knowledgeable industry friends kept insisting that we try the Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular Isolation System, frankly, we didn't want to bother with it. After all, we had "tuned" our demo system and didn't want to touch it (in fact, that's one of the issues with tuning devices - while they are cost effective, if you move anything, you have to start all over - whew!). Anyway, we finally decided to try the Grand Prix Audio system just so our audio buddies would shut up.

Oh Boy - what a difference! It was like we had stepped into another realm, one we hadn't even imagined existed. In audio, most of us can't imagine something better than our own experience dictates. But when we DO hear it, it's a revelation.

Today, we couldn't imagine doing demos without Alvin Lloyd's Grand Prix Audio isolation/support systems. Plus, we don't have to worry about moving that cone/roller/footer two inches to the right, or bumping something roller...

Finally, the icing on the cake is that Alvin Lloyd is one of the finest men I've met in my 30+ years in the audio industry. If he says it, you can take it to the bank (although lately when he says that, it means something's really good, I have to send him money, and HE takes it to the bank...).

Best regards, Jim Smith, Avantgarde-USA

Dear Alvin,

I must tell you I have been busy with the introduction of all our new products this year and have not put in writing how much I admire my Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular Isolation System. They are not only stunningly beautiful but simply amazing in their ability to allow electronics to effortlessly breathe the subtlest detail and nuance of music. Listening with your isolation stands in my system has brought a whole new meaning to the word 'transparency'. This, of course, has been quite valuable to me when comparing different components. The sheer enjoyment of simply listening to music has never been more stimulating.

As you know, Balanced Audio Technology manufactures world-reference electronics for the playback and enjoyment of music. This is a very competitive business and we feel privileged to be considered a leader in this field. This status did not come to us easily, however. I'm sure you must have a full understanding of how much work and dedication this requires because your designs reflect that same level of commitment. From every aspect of performance, you have achieved something quite extraordinary.

I look forward to your continued success.


Geoffrey W. Poor, Balanced Audio Technology

As a speaker manufacturer who goes to great lengths to build cabinets free of any resonance, we appreciate the quality of the Grand Prix Audio products. Working with Alvin is always a pleasure. We have used GPA products in almost all of our trade shows since becoming aware of them almost 2 years ago.

The first thing you notice about the GPA products is their aesthetic beauty. The level of class and sophistication from just a cosmetic aspect is far above anything else out there. We believe that GPA has an ability to bring the system as a whole to the next level. This is serious looking gear.

Next, you begin to dig deeper into the technology involved to appreciate the engineering. The improvement in detail is something that you notice immediately. Even the most jaded audiophile will find the differences hard to believe.

We will continue to use Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular Isolation Systems and to recommend them to anyone for one simple reason: They work!

Jim Thompson, Director, Eggleston Works

Hi Alvin! The stand (Monaco Modular Isolation System) arrived Friday. Thank you very much. I got it home and set it up this weekend. The first thing that struck me is how good it looks. With the gear on it, it looks positively striking, and even my wife commented on how good looking and well built it is. She seems very happy with it too, which is a relief. It is all in the living room and my stereo has been a bit of a sore point with her over the years.

I think I am going to keep the clear shelves, but I am not 100% sure yet. My wife seems to think it will look too big with smoked shelves. I am leaning towards that view also. If I decide too could I send them back to you sometime to have holes put in the back for cable channeling or is that something that cannot be done after the fact? (Answer = Yes you can, no problem.) I managed to make almost all the cables I have fit nicely, but I'll have to buy one more 2 meter pair; a small price to pay because of....

THE SOUND! All I can say is WOW! You were absolutely right about the whole point of a really good stand - resonance control. I knew this before; I'm just beginning to realize how much better it can get. The bass is much tighter, the midrange and highs have gotten so pure that it sounds to me closer to a live event than essentially anything I have heard before. I am now able to increase the gain on the midrange and highs to a point where they have never been before, simply because the grain that was there is gone. I had turned the midrange and tweeter level down slightly to make it slightly softer on the top rather than slightly edgy.

It is just wonderful Alvin. I am hearing instruments and resolution I never heard before. I tried using the racing cones that I have but they are designed for one thing - to resonate at a certain frequency. Now that the rack is so well isolated and I find that using them is degrading the sound - adding coloration that I find objectionable. (Note: this is a very common response) I have over the years tried to purchase components that are as transparent as possible. I do not try to use say a dull sounding CD to make up for a bright amp. In my view, either a piece of gear's sound is closer to the live event or it is not. Neutrality and accuracy of each component and cable all the way down the line are everything to me. It is just that simple - it is better or it is worse. Anyway, the seismic sink and all the racing cones are now in the closet where they belong. :-)

Many people here have expressed interest in this product; one of my co-workers is coming over tonight to check it out. All of us look forward to having Grand Prix Audio added to the stores lines. Zoethecus is certainly a fine product although clearly not in the same league as this. I really think that many of our customers who are into performance audio would be very interested.

Once again, I would like to thank you. I am thrilled with this stand. It represents the best value purchase, especially relative to sonic improvement, I have ever made. The quality and performance are simply outstanding. I cannot wait to get home tonight and crank some tunes!


Chris Dove, Definitive Audio, Seattle WA

Hi Alvin:

Sorry - I've been really busy mixing Alanis Morissette's new album. While I haven't had much time to listen to Seal's rig now that it sits on your stands, I can say that the I noticed a difference in clarity in just the few minutes I did have to listen. Seal is extremely happy with both the look and sound of the system, but I'd like to spend some real time with it some time next week before I give you any detailed comments.

Thanks for doing such a great job. I'll get back to you soon, Chris


"As the creator of TipToes (the original point-contact foot) I know a thing or two about component feet. Grand Prix Audio has really done its homework with the new Apex footers - these are the best-sounding component feet I have ever tried! Used by themselves or in conjunction with the amazing Grand Prix isolation stands, the Apex devices are among the most cost-effective performance enhancements I have encountered."

Steve McCormack, designer, McCormack Audio Corp., SMc Audio

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"With the Monaco 2.0, what I heard crossed a threshold to a new level of sonic realism that, frankly, I had no idea was possible from my system." - Tim Aucremann The Audio Beat Read More Reviews

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