Best of show CES 2012

Best of show CES 2012

Grand Prix Audio exhibited at our 11th consecutive CES this January. We are pleased to have received recognition for our effort in the form of several Best Sound of Show accolades from industry leading reviewers. Additionally, other exhibitors using Grand Prix Audio products they own (we don't pay to display our products with manufacturers) was awarded a Best Sound of Show also.

More Best Sound of Show recipients have Grand Prix Audio products in common than any other brand. When it comes to enhancing your systems performance Grand Prix Audio products are clearly the highest performing products in the industry.

APEX Footers with Adjuster Mechanism, Silicon Nitride Balls

Many customers requested our famous APEX foot with leveling capability. Here it is! These new version APEX use a 5/8" stainless steel extra fine thread adjuster for precise leveling and super rigidity. Don't overlook real quality and proper engineering. Other lesser feet use spindly 1/4" threaded rods for leveling adjustment which resonate and are simply inadequate for the job. Not to mention they don't provide the extra fine thread adjustment accuracy which is essential. Not only do we provide super precision adjustability but proper structural rigidity where you need it most. As they say you get what you pay for!

Developed from our standard APEX design we now offer these outstanding footers as upgrade feet for the Monaco Turntable and any other sensitive audio application such as, CD players, preamps, amplifiers, and speakers which all benefit greatly from this product. If you can't afford an amp stand 3 of these little gems will reveal more of the true character of your system than any other approach for the same cost. Under most speakers these feet will enhance the speakers performance by reducing the unwanted resonance in the speaker itself significantly, thus allowing more precise driver movement and control which provides startling improvements in detail and musicality.

Silverstone Component Isolation System Press Release

Grand Prix Audio introduces the Silverstone Component Isolation System featured on 6moons

"It's no secret that I admire the work of Alvin Lloyd at Grand Prix Audio. I owned two of his Monaco Modular stands and only passed them on when my new room in Switzerland enforced a layout that would not accommodate the considerable depth of the Monacos on the sidewall where the hifi equipment had to go."
Srajan Ebaen - 6moons

2010 International CES

This CES Grand Prix Audio featured our NEW Silverstone Isolation Component System. This room utilizing two of our new Silverstone Isolation Component systems was considered by many as the one of the best sounding rooms at the show this year.


We would like to thank the numerous Manufacturers who, after having experienced our systems, have purchased Grand Prix Audio Isolation Systems for use in their demo facilities and for use at trade shows worldwide. When you see Grand Prix Audio products at CES you know the Manufacturer has invested their hard earned capital in order to optimally enhance the products they are displaying. It is the ultimate endorsement of our products and we sincerely appreciate the dedication to our engineering.

PFO Audio Oasis! RMAF 2009



At Rocky Mountain Audio Fest we received an award from David Robinson of Positive Feedback Online. Our partners Ayre Acoustics, Transparent Audio and Wilson Audio.

Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. Selects Grand Prix Audio for Ongoing Product Development and Demonstrations

Utah's famous loudspeaker manufacturer Wilson Audio has selected Grand Prix Audio's Monaco Modular equipment isolation system from among competitors costing up to three times as much, to serve as their ongoing reference for development, auditions and demonstrations of its world-class loudspeaker systems. Wilson Audio's John Giolas oversaw a year of exhaustive comparisons whereby the Wilson Audio team evaluated a number of upper echelon equipment support solutions for use in their facility and at upcoming tradeshows. Grand Prix Audio's carbon-composite based, 6 degrees of freedom-enabled standard Monaco Modular system proved superior in every aspect to the competition..

We are very proud to be endorsed by as engineering-driven a company as Wilson Audio. At this level of excellence, cost is no object. While our systematic addresses at resonance isolation and vibration attenuation are admittedly not cheap, the fact that we objectively and subjectively -- measured and in the listening seat -- outperformed other solutions which were significantly more costly proves that while uncompromised quality does have its price, it needn't be as high as some would have you believe.

Please visit us at to learn more about the Monaco Modular and our Monaco turntable which, like our isolation products, sets new standards for precision engineering, advanced composite material implementations and a truly comprehensive address of all critical aspects that are pertinent to ultimate performance. You'll discover that our results are firmly grounded in scientific principles and a rigorous reliance on sophisticated measurements, disciplines without which the dangerous sport of car racing from which our head designer Alvin Lloyd stems would be more dangerous yet. When winning matters, it's good to be on the winning time. Grand Prix Audio.

2009 International CES



January 8-11, 2009
The Venetian – Room 30-315

Grand Prix Audio will be featuring the Hi-Fi+ "Product of the Year" Monaco Turntable, Monaco Modular Isolation System, Monaco Amplifier Isolation Systems, Formula Shelf and Apex Footers. EgglestonWorks will debut their newest speaker the Andra III. The system will also include the high end components of Audio Research, Ayre Acoustics, Inc. and Stealth Audio Cables.


New Award!


Industry and User Reviews

"With the Monaco 2.0, what I heard crossed a threshold to a new level of sonic realism that, frankly, I had no idea was possible from my system." - Tim Aucremann The Audio Beat Read More Reviews

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