The Driving Force in Vibration Control

Is there a pot of gold buried in your backyard? All these people seem to think so:

Customer raves? You bet.

"It is hard to believe that so much detail could be gained simply by changing racks. Wow!" ... "No Bull. My highest recommendation!" ... "The results are stupendous" ... "My wife can dance next to the turntable, I can even bang on the arm-board. There is no problem - I am not exaggerating. More importantly, the dynamics are as life-like as my current amp/speaker combination will allow. I don't have to give suspension a second thought" ... "Your products are unbelievably beautiful and functionally perfect" ... "I can cheerfully agree with you that employing the Monaco Modular Isolation System is at least the equal of a major component upgrade - and probably even better" ... "Your design is so far ahead of that concept that you don't even belong in the same league" ... "The depth and 3-d imaging is unbelievable" ... "I am completely thrilled with my purchase. Even among my fairly formidable components, my Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular Isolation System is the centerpiece of my Theatre" ... "I have to say that the unit is gorgeous and I am already very proud of ownership" ... "I am thrilled with this stand. It represents the best value purchase, especially relative to sonic improvement, that I have ever made" ...

Industry and User Reviews

Danny Kaey of Inner Ear does direct head to head comparisons with Finite Elemente, Townsend Seismic Sink, EquaRack, and clearly details the significant superiority of the Monaco Modular Isolation System to each one of these competitors. Danny states "…handily outpaces them by a wide margin" Nothing compares to Grand Prix Audio! Read More Reviews

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