Grand Prix Audio Component Isolation Systems have the lowest natural frequency and therefore the best resonance control available. The Woodcote is our entry level 4-leg isolation system with hardwood finishes available in Walnut, Cherry, Clear Maple, and Wormy Maple. This artisan wood line has warmth and style; and features masterfully crafted floating “tenon” joinery, plus the option to join unit-to-unit with shared framing.


  • The Woodcote has Multi-Stage Isolation™ in each unit and can be joined to create double-wide, triple-wide, or expand the system to line an entire wall. Each expansion requires only one center frame support, 2 floor couplers (front/back), and the number of shelves desired.
  • Add or remove shelves at any time, and customize each shelf height to match your component requirements as needs change.
  • Each shelf has a functional composite core with hardwood perimeter independently suspended with custom Sorbothane dampers.Dampers can be independently tuned for specific weight-loading to optimize the performance of any component.
  • All Grand Prix Audio isolation products come complete with chassis and shelves, appropriate weight-defined dampers based on individual customer load requirements, and Spiked Base Coupler.
  • UPGRADES: Custom heights available.Upgrade with Formula Shelves and APEX Footers.


  • Standard Finish: Walnut, Cherry, Clear Maple, and Wormy Maple
  • Custom Finish: Other wood choice and custom inlay by special order
  • Height: Standard 24”, 36”, 44” and custom heights by special order
  • Shelf Dimensions:
  • Small Shelf: 18.25" W x 15.25” D
  • Large Shelf: 18.25" W x 19.25” D
  • Outside Dimensions:
  • Small Shelf: 24.25" W x 18.25" D
  • Large Shelf: 24.25" W x 22.25" D
  • Weight: Varies by dimension and wood choice, call for quote
  • Weight-bearing Capacity: 200 pounds per shelf standard, heavier is possible on a case by case basis
  • Materials: Hardwood and Hardwood composite, Stainless Steel, Sorbothane
  • UPGRADES: APEX Footer, Formula Shelves, and custom height and custom wood choice options

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Industry and User Reviews

Danny Kaey of Inner Ear does direct head to head comparisons with Finite Elemente, Townsend Seismic Sink, EquaRack, and clearly details the significant superiority of the Monaco Modular Isolation System to each one of these competitors. Danny states "…handily outpaces them by a wide margin" Nothing compares to Grand Prix Audio! Read More Reviews

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