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Founder and President of Grand Prix Audio, Alvin Lloyd, is a music lover with an extensive engineering and design background in auto racing.

Lloyd was first a professional racer himself, and then became Vice President and chief operations officer at Swift Engineering where he directed the construction of a high speed moving ground plane wind tunnel. It was the most advanced research facility at the time for both automotive and aerospace testing. Lloyd also directed Swift during design and development of the 007 i C.A.R.T. Swift 007 is the only American made Indycar to take both first and second place in a single race, and was a winning vehicle for many renowned drivers including: Michael Andretti, Jimmy Vasser, Mark Dismore, Jacques Vellenueve, and Christian Fittipaldi. The photo gallery has a sampling of the hundreds of race cars Alvin Lloyd and his team built over the years.

Vigilance to design perfection in motorsports ultimately landed focus on Lloyd’s own hi-fi system and the audio market. From an engineering and technical perspective Lloyd identified significant room for improvement, and thus opportunity to enhance his own enjoyment of music. Through Grand Prix Audio Alvin Lloyd has been able to apply his hard-won expertise in racecar design and exotic composite materials to the less life-threatening tasks of audio equipment resonance control and performance enhancement. The company continues to innovate and thrive with a truly winning design team and a mission to set new industry standards throughout our product line.

GFX racing past

Industry and User Reviews

"With the Monaco 2.0, what I heard crossed a threshold to a new level of sonic realism that, frankly, I had no idea was possible from my system." - Tim Aucremann The Audio Beat Read More Reviews

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