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About Us

Our Story

Grand Prix Audio was borne out of a singular quest to achieve the highest quality music reproduction.  

As in our racing past - where the best design and engineering means the difference between winning and losing - at Grand Prix Audio we apply that same drive to deliver unmatched performance and peerless results in all our products.

Our approach centers on the following core design principles:

  • Real performance – noticeable gains in the listening experience, especially in detail and musicality

  • Smart Engineering – Less is more; innovative and elegant design that delivers performance and ensures ease of use and maintenance

  • Longevity and Value – Products built to exacting quality standards to endure the test of time and designed with upgrade-ability in mind; products designed to provide superior results and highest possible value

At Grand Prix Audio we are in pursuit of the highest quality level of music reproduction – a pinnacle that has yet to be reached.  Generations of turntables have taught us that low noise and speed accuracy are critical elements to achieving better playback quality.  The window is open – from further advancements in turntable design to a 21st century state-of-the-art record cutting lathe – to reach new heights in depth, clarity and realism.


Our Team

Alvin Lloyd

Founder, President, and Principle Designer

Obsessed with motorsport since early childhood, Alvin found himself at the top of the sport – both racing and developing Formula cars, including race-winning Indy cars – throughout the 80’s and 90’s.  During his racing tenure, Alvin was VP of Operations at Swift Engineering, received a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) award, managed numerous race teams and guided race teams and drivers to scores of wins.

In 1999, at a crossroads in his racing career, Alvin set out to build a truly effective high-end vibration isolation system – something he found substantively missing from the market as an obsessive high-end audio consumer. This first product, the Monaco Isolation System, proved worthy and stood out from the competition and revealed an opening in the market.  Since then, from isolation systems to the turntables, Alvin has led the direction of the company and design for GPA’s innovative product line.

David Bruns

Technical Design Lead

Prior to joining Grand Prix Audio, David had a storied career in racing – and as Vice President of Swift Engineering he designed a cutting-edge wind tunnel used by F1, NASCAR, Ford, BMW, and Boeing, among others – while also designing all of the Swift’s race winning cars. 


Additionally, he had previously designed the ADF winning Formula Ford, Super Vee, and an Indy Car.


After his tenure at Swift, David acted as Senior Design Engineer for Advanced Projects at Dan Gurney's All American Racers.  

At Grand Prix Audio, David has applied this proven track record and unrivaled engineering excellence to developing the most advanced turntables available.

Vince Capizzo

Electrical Engineering Partner

Acclaimed music industry electrical engineer – having designed or invented numerous pioneering audio and video technologies for Solid State Logic (a world leader in recording consoles), Apogee Electronics, Kodak, Sony Classical, ProSound, and Lightworks Editing Systems.  Vince also designed and manufactures a Digital Audio Format Translator, favored by Bernie Grundman, and used in CD mastering worldwide.

Doubtless, Vince’s designs factor into the production process of many of the recordings you listen to.

At Grand Prix Audio, Vince was instrumental in the development of our innovative optical encoder speed control systems, which deliver unprecedented predictive motion, speed, and platter behavior control.


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