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Far surpassing virtually everything in its price point, the Parabolica is a dramatic step forward in analog playback at an approachable price. Grand Prix Audio’s patented speed control system and noise reduction techniques allows the Parabolica to confidently step into the arena with tables much higher in price.


Much like the Monaco 2.0, the ultrasonic speed measurement system functions far outside the realm of any playback frequency.   An active feedback loop maintains platter speed by interrogating the platter motion with actual measurements taken nearly 300,000 times per revolution. The result is playback without coloration or flutter. The Grand Prix Audio achievement in frequency accuracy produces the truest possible sound from your record collection.

Trickle-down engineering never sounded so good. 

"Put simply, this turntable’s musical capabilities are as engaging as they are smack-you-in-the-face obvious."


Roy Gregory, HiFi+


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   Technical Specs

Drive System
Proprietary direct-drive, fluid damped

Carbon fiber, stainless steel, aluminum, and viscoelastics   

Motor & Bearing
Slotted BLDC; Hydrodynamic, thrust inverted


13 in. diameter; 5 in. height

Weight (w/ controller)

27 lbs.

Run-Up Time

<17 seconds to 45 rpm


33-1/3 & 45 rpm

Encoder Resolution
74K+ cycles per rev.; 298K+ counts per rev.


Speed Deviation
Peak deviation from mean = 0.00015% 3 sigma

R.M.S. deviation from mean = 0.00011%

Wow/Flutter & Rumble

Power Consumption
18VA max

Tech Specs
Parabolia Gallery


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