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Component Isolation Systems

Modular components – the perfect fit

The heart of the Grand Prix Audio support solution, the ‘U-Tube’ structures are available in two different dimensions and to suit three or four legged racks. Based on our light-weight, braced, carbon-fiber frame technology, each equipment support level uses three-layer construction and constrained damping, to effectively disperse and dissipate mechanical energy. The ultra rigid frame supports either an acrylic or, for even greater sonic performance our own five-layer sandwich Formula One shelf, with compressed, load matched Sorbothane pads for optimized damping and energy dissipation.

"...Backgrounds become quieter, low-level detail improved markedly, and dynamic contrasts took on greater subtlety."

Paul Bolin, Stereophile


Silverstone 4

Silverstone Quattro System

The flagship Silverstone Series stands use single piece uprights and each upright is a composite stainless steel and complex extruded aluminum structure that offers superior self-damping and infinitely variable shelf spacing. Machined and internally damped aluminum bracing plates create a massive, mechanically tuned exoskeleton that can be built as a three or four-legged frame. Individually mass-tuned hanging suspension units precisely position each ‘U-Tube’ composite support structure, while maintaining six degrees of freedom.


The new Silverstone 4 is the most effective and efficient audio isolation design available at any price. Silverstone attenuates energy across the entire audio bandwidth and beyond. No other isolation product even comes close to the levels of energy attenuation the Silverstone achieves. The new Silverstone 4 attenuates energy even at 20 Hz and below. By utilizing specifically tuned dampers which have a natural frequency below 10 Hz we significantly isolate your components from even low bass energy. Our design is even more efficient in the mid range and upper octaves and offers high percentages of energy attenuation all the way to 20 KHz.


  • Four column frame offers additional level of damping

  • Infinitely adjustable shelves add or subtract shelves at any time and each shelf is infinitely adjustable for location and spacing

  • Chassis structure features multiple internal mass dampers

  • Dampers can be independently tuned for specific weight loading by the user

  • Dampers can be changed individually in minutes allowing easy optimization of any component

  • Lowest natural frequency on the market

  • High mass yet not massive. Superior engineering allows elegant design aesthetic while providing superior performance via lower natural frequency

Uprights available in 305mm/12”, 610mm/24”, 915mm/36”, 1120mm/44” and 1300mm/52” as well as custom heights.


Silverstone Trio System

Like the Silverstone Quattro, the three pillar version of the Silverstone series is the industry’s top-performer as a result of technical design aimed at generating a low natural frequency component isolation system. It features substantial Web-Chamber Column supports in black texture or smooth metal finish, upgradable to Genuine Leather or embossed Carbon Fiber look. Fully adjustable with shelf and chassis micro and macro leveling features. Specifically engineered custom molded primary dampers--our 6○ Suspended Damper—with a natural frequency near 10 Hz to isolate your components from even low bass energy. Two stages of Viscoelastic Sorbothane damping dedicated to the shelf, combined with Multi-Stage Isolation dampening throughout the chassis provide unparalleled vibration absorption and attenuation in the mid range and upper octaves all the way to 20,000Hz.

Silverstone 3

Nouvelle System

Two-inch diameter stainless steel columns are combined with O-ring decoupled conical interfaces to create a versatile, precision stackable rack system. Decoupled from the ‘U-Tube’ frames by sorbothane interfaces, they provide a stepped dissipation cascade between your equipment and the outside world. Base layers are available in two widths, with three or four legs and provide two support levels, with a 260mm/10.25” opening between them.


Additional levels are available to provide 245mm/9.75”, 180mm/7.25” or 130mm/5.5” openings. Custom heights are also available and the uprights themselves can be mass damped if required.

Monaco Nouvelle.jpg
Monaco Classic

Monaco Classic System

Grand Prix Audio's original three-column fully-modular isolation system.

Two-inch diameter stainless steel columns are combined with O-ring decoupled conical interfaces to create a versatile, precision stackable rack system. Decoupled from the ‘U-Tube’ frames by sorbothane interfaces, they provide a stepped dissipation cascade between your equipment and the outside world. Base layers are available in two widths, with three or four legs and provide two support levels, with a 260mm/10.25” opening between them.

Formula Series

Formula Platforms

& Shelves

Featuring a proprietary inner core and a unique combination of Carbon fiber and Kevlar epoxy laminates, the effects of this shelf must be experienced to be believed.

The special core material of our shelf was originally developed for use in isolation of nuclear facilities applications, aerospace, and aviation applications. It exhibits a high strength to weight ratio due to its cellular structure and cross-linked resin system. This unique cellular structure provides extreme resistance to the transmission of vibration through the shelf across a broad frequency range.

Developed as an upgrade to our highly successful Monaco Modular Isolation Systems, Formula Shelves are available in a variety of sizes for use on any stand in combination with our specifically calibrated dampers. In addition, when used with our unique damping brackets, this technology is available for all built-in custom install home theater applications.

The efficacy of this design cannot be overemphasized.

Available in 3 thicknesses: 1" one ply core material; 1.5" 2 ply core material; and 2" 3 ply core material.

Sizes available are: 18.5" x 28"; 18" x 19"; 15" x 18"


Apex Couplers

Not just another cone...

Apex footers might look like classic ‘isolation’ cones, but they are far more sophisticated and effective than that.
They combine a hardened steel (or silicon-nitride ceramic) ball interface with a dual-purpose isolation/dissipation support. The external, structural elements are pressure formed from carbon composites, the void within the cone filled with a specially developed, proprietary polymer that decouples the upper element from the base. Originally developed for aerospace applications, this polymer exhibits extraordinary energy dissipation properties. The precision moulded cup offers a perfect contact surface for the ball, ensuring optimum energy transfer into the carbon cone and then, via the cone’s large internal surface area, into the polymer. The end result is remarkable management of spurious energy, whether that energy originates within the supported component, or is transmitted by the structure that supports it.

Apex XL

The new Apex XL increases the height and diameter of the cone, doubling the volume of the internal polymer and increasing its interface area with the external structure. The result is significantly greater energy dispersion and a huge step up in performance.

The musical impact of the reduction in noise floor and lower microphony needs to be heard to be believed, bringing performers to life and allowing their music to breathe.



Unlike conventional cones, the APEX and the APEX XL also offer a leveling facility when used in place of spikes or threaded feet. Stainless steel levelers are tipped with a precision-machined cup that interfaces perfectly with the upper face of the APEX ball, providing a rigid, stable and adjustable support. APEX Levelers are available in six different thread sizes (imperial and metric) incorporate thru holes for adjustment under load and are supplied complete with lock nuts.



Sometimes you just don’t have the height in your rack to fit APEX supports under a unit – but you still want APEX performance. For that situation we now provide the APEX Mini, a scaled version of the APEX, using exactly the same, proven materials and geometry but designed specifically as a component coupler. Only 1.175”/30mm tall, it uses a smaller diameter ball than the standard and XL versions, so it’s not compatible with the APEX Levelers, but what it does do is provide the maximum possible performance from a more compact package. The Mini is almost 0.225”/6mm shorter than the standard APEX. That might not sound like much, but in many cases it makes all the difference.



Standard Apex:
Diameter: 2.5 in.
Height: 1.45 in.
Weight: 130 grams

Apex XL:
Diameter: 4 in.
Height: 1.9 in.
Weight: 635 grams
Apex Mini:

Diameter: 2 in.
Height: 1.175 in.
Weight: 87 grams

Load capacity tested to beyond 1,000 pounds for each

DUPE 3.jpeg
Apex Specs

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