Grand Prix Audio, founded in April 2000, has transferred the science of high-end automotive engineering to high-end audio. The relationship of cars to audio equipment is subtle but meaningful. Producing winning racecars requires serious engineering, superior design and tight tolerance execution. Although no lives are at stake, there are similar technical demands in audio. When optimal sound is in jeopardy, proper engineering provides solutions.

In the case of each product—turntables, isolation systems and accessories—Grand Prix Audio’s design team began with a fresh slate and an objective to achieve sonic authenticity. From there we research and develop a design which utilizes the most advanced technology available. We interrogate every element of the structure and discreetly select the best materials for the job. Then we custom design and fabricate each and every part. The outcome is design perfection and acoustically superior performance which re-sets the audio industry standard and enhances your listening experience.

Grand Prix Audio prides itself for using custom designed parts as well as custom and proprietary application of polymers and composites. Our products have features so inventive patents aren’t necessary since duplication isn’t feasible. We’ve been advised there’s no other combination of mind and material capable of accurately copying our design without virtually tripling cost. What this means for the customer is a product manufactured with the highest quality materials, real technical merit, and exceptional value.

Grand Prix Audio is known for a unique and sleek appearance evident throughout the product line, with unparalleled fit and finish. Fine aesthetic is the fortunate byproduct of technical perfection. Our material and design choices are based 100% on tested and proven performance—not the status-quo and not hype. Plus, all our products are Made in the USA and fully comply with FTC standards required of this statement. Grand Prix Audio products won’t always look like the rest of the audio industry, but maybe they’ll eventually catch up!

Industry and User Reviews

"With the Monaco 2.0, what I heard crossed a threshold to a new level of sonic realism that, frankly, I had no idea was possible from my system." - Tim Aucremann The Audio Beat Read More Reviews

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