Apex - the highest point - is the world's most advanced dual-purpose vibration isolation interface. As used in cutting-edge race cars and jet fighters, Apex employs hand-laminated carbon composites for the outer skin and core/base and high-pressure cures them in a dedicated vacuum environment. It then decouples these structural composite elements via a proprietary hi-tech polymer which we co-developed with aerospace applications and materials sciences engineers. With its ball-bearing tip, Apex can be used as a component footer or become the floor-to-column interface of GPA and other equipment isolation supports. Our unique cup/ball geometry utterly avoids the frustrating instability that plagues other bearing-based designs which cause supported components to wobble and move when barely touched. Threaded "knuckle" adjuster/levelers securely surround the ball bearing with a polished stainless steel cup.


By replacing a stand's fixed spikes and adding an additional two degrees of horizontal freedom, Apex generates very remarkable performance enhancements without introducing any unsteadiness of the main structure.

Our stock 3/8-16 thread, .875 diameter, 2-inch long leveler fits our Monaco Modular, Le Mans, Monza, Laguna, and Monaco Amplifer Isolation Systems and allows 0.625" of height adjustment via keyed thru-holes. Sizes for non-GPA supports are also available.

Apex details: Our well-documented race car background allows us to collaborate with advanced special-applications engineers to develop materials and manufacturing processes for very specific employment in our own designs. The super-dense polymer separating the core/base of Apex from its outer skin was developed with one of our former aerospace partners and is merely one of many technological advances Grand Prix Audio enjoys over its competition.

This polymer (also used in the upright columns of our Monaco SE) exhibits a far higher energy dissipation ratio than any of the metals or compounds commonly used for component isolation footers. By presenting three dissimilar materials boundaries to the energy pathway between floor/column or shelf/component and using materials without inherent grain or crystal structures, the bi-directional flow of vibration is heavily attenuated to measurably lower resonances and system noisefloor.

The common diameter of our ball bearing allows the end user to experiment with a variety of bearing materials readily available in this standard 0.5" size (ceramic silicon nitrate, Tungsten carbide). Music lovers with substantial investments in conventional high-mass metal stands reap significant dividends by "floating" these structures on our Apex devices. While incapable of approaching the performance of our complete thru-engineered isolation solutions, such an upgrade provides a very cost-efficient means to drastically improve the poor self-damping characteristics of metal stands that are really vibration transmitters (think bells) rather than isolators.

We invite you to put us to the test where "the rubber meets the road" - between equipment support and floor, and component and shelf. We're confident you'll agree that Apex is an entirely new ball game in the realm of component footer isolation devices.

APEX Footers with Adjuster Mechanism, Silicon Nitride Balls

Many customers requested our famous APEX foot with leveling capability. Here it is! These new version APEX use a 5/8" stainless steel extra fine thread adjuster for precise leveling and super rigidity. Don't overlook real quality and proper engineering. Other lesser feet use spindly 1/4" threaded rods for leveling adjustment which resonate and are simply inadequate for the job. Not to mention they don't provide the extra fine thread adjustment accuracy which is essential. Not only do we provide super precision adjustability but proper structural rigidity where you need it most. As they say you get what you pay for!

Developed from our standard APEX design we now offer these outstanding footers as upgrade feet for the Monaco Turntable and any other sensitive audio application such as, CD players, preamps, amplifiers, and speakers which all benefit greatly from this product. If you can't afford an amp stand 3 of these little gems will reveal more of the true character of your system than any other approach for the same cost. Under most speakers these feet will enhance the speakers performance by reducing the unwanted resonance in the speaker itself significantly, thus allowing more precise driver movement and control which provides startling improvements in detail and musicality.


Diameter: 2.5-inch
Height: 1.45-inch
Weight: 130 grams
Center of Gravity: ca. 1-inch above base
Load Capacity: Tested to beyond 1,000 pounds each


Apex Carbon Composite Footers (includes 3 x 1/2" hard-chrome balls): set of 3

Polished Stainless Steel Cup, Threaded Adjuster/Levelers: set of 3

Silicone Nitride, Upgrade Ball for Apex: set of 3

Contact your local dealer, distributor, or Grand Prix Audio for pricing.

Apex Options

•Leveler, Adjuster Knuckle 3/8-16" Thread (standard thread)
•Leveler, Adjuster Knuckle 1/4-20" Thread
•Leveler, Adjuster Knuckle 5/16-18" Thread
•Leveler, Adjuster Knuckle 8mm x 1.25 Thread
•Leveler, Adjuster Knuckle 10mm x 1.5 Thread
•Leveler, Adjuster Knuckle 12mm x 1.5 Thread
•Silicone Nitride, Upgrade Ball for Apex

For additional discussion on novel uses for Apex see Reviews (Media, Industry and Customer).




Hi Alvin, We installed the Apex feet under the Polycrystal rack. (Mind you, I had tweaked the Apex [this client has Apex as component feet on his Polycrystal stand; Alvin Lloyd] before like nobody's business, and had recorded their exact positions.) ... now the sound is just as "round" and full as before, but it is more vivid and clearer... and I hear lots more of the inner details - things I never heard before. Instruments sound more like themselves. Nuances in the middle of the tone and on the outsides of the tone abound, making everything sound new and right.

Dear Mr. Lloyd,

Although I've only had a short time to audition the Apex footers and levelers, I wouldn't think of removing them from my Monaco Modular Isolation System. Impressed would be an understatement. It is as if I have an entirely new system. I like Broadway London Cast recordings and the voices sound so realistic and full. It is not like I was hearing them unamplified from the second balcony in the 1970s in Boston theaters. I've cured the RFI problem using PS Audio Statement powers cords and your Monaco Modular has resolved any vibration issues.

A good slogan for Apex footers might be: Apex footers - a solid base for audio. I hope to hear from you when you have the opportunity to write. Thanks again for including the levelers to audition.
Myles G.


I am very pleased you are satisfied with our product. Regards tightening, you want to have the levelers screwed in as far as you can based upon your individual leveling needs. When empty adding ballast to that bottom shelf is a good idea but you want to make sure you have the right dampers for whatever load you have on it. Let me know if you need some different dampers we will be happy to send them no charge.

Best regards,

Dear Mr. Lloyd,

As you suggested, I tightened the (Apex) levelers more fully. It has even improved the overall clarity and made the sound even more impressive. It is nice of you to want to include my remarks about the apex feet and levelers on your website. Thanks again for being so helpful to me and making products that really improve audio. Unless you make some important new discovery about controlling vibrations, the Monaco Modular Isolation System should be the last one I will own. I will continue to recommend it to everyone I know.
Myles G.

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"With the Monaco 2.0, what I heard crossed a threshold to a new level of sonic realism that, frankly, I had no idea was possible from my system." - Tim Aucremann The Audio Beat Read More Reviews

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