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Modular Equipment Isolation System

Monza Frame

Based on critically damped, one-piece uprights the Monza frame offers adjustable spacing of multiple shelves on a 1.5”/38mm pitch. With legs available in single level/amp-stand, 610mm/24”, 915mm/36” and 1070mm/42” as well as custom heights, owners can re-space existing shelves or add additional levels or longer legs to meet expanding system demands. The four-leg structure allows for easy levelling and provides open access for modern, heavy duty cabling with its associated flexibility issues.


Monza Expansion Kits

The Monza’s four-leg structure also allows us to offer expansion modules, to create a six-leg/two-bay or eight-leg/three bay frame. In fact, you can add as many bays as necessary, a practical and cost-effective solution to accommodating growing systems – or systems that just start out larger than the average.

Monza Upgradability

Monza is supplied as standard with composite support levels that offer superior structural rigidity and more effective mechanical dissipation than the U-Tube supports used on the Monaco. These are combined with our Stock bamboo shelves/couplers and load specific viscoelastic dampers to offer remarkable performance at the price.

Wood? In a Grand Prix Audio product? Well, technically it’s grass, but perhaps you should think of bamboo as nature’s carbon fiber, its resin bonded tapered strands and composite construction offering performance second only to expensive synthetic resins and carbon composite materials.  Used in combination with our composite support levels and viscoelastic damping, even we were surprised by the results, the load specific dampers allowing us to provide optimum isolation from external energy, as well as dissipation of self-generated internal energy for each individual unit and level.


Acrylic shelves are also available as an aesthetic alternative, but for those seeking even greater sonic and musical performance, the Stock shelves and couplers can be upgraded with our Ground Effect or Formula composite shelves and Apex or Ground Effect couplers, delivering yet another dimension in musical performance.

Monza Configurability

Monza’s modular nature means that owners can configured their rack at the time of ordering, specifying footprint/number of bays, height, the number of support levels and the type of shelves required, allowing you to prioritise performance and expenditure within the system, eliminating redundant parts and purchases. Easily shipped and assembled, Monza is just as easy to reconfigure over time, a truly adaptable, practical and genuinely high-performance support solution delivering consistently superior musical results.


  • Rack Heights:

    • Single level/amp-stand, 610mm/24”, 915mm/36” and 1070mm/42”
      as well as custom heights

  • Support Level Thickness: 

    • 60mm/2.7” (including shelf)

  • Footprint:

    • Outer dimension, single stand – 584mm/23” x 508mm/20”

    • Outer dimension, extension bay – 534mm/21” x 508mm/20”

    • Shelf dimension – 508mm/20” x 432mm/17”

  • Finishes:

    • Legs available in brushed stainless- steel, textured black or custom finishes to special order.
      Support levels in gloss clear-coat carbon or automotive finishes to special order.
      Stock shelves in natural bamboo or clear acrylic to special order.

Monza Frame
Monza Series
Expansion Kits
Monza Series
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