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Monaco 2.0

A new paradigm...

Monaco 2.0


Unparalleled speed accuracy, superior vibration isolation, and stability to deliver a profound sonic experience.

The Monaco 2.0’s innovative proprietary direct-drive, fluid damped motor system takes analog replay to previously unprecedented levels.

While the Monaco 2.0 may look deceptively simple, contained within this svelte chassis and minimal footprint is the world’s most advanced direct-drive motor and optical encoder system.  The Monaco's revolutionary direct drive design and advanced/state of the art decoder delivers superlative speed accuracy (peak speed deviation lower than 0.0001%) – rendering your music with greater clarity and depth.

The result: the most accurate, yet communicative record replay platform in existence – a record player that delivers the true musical potential of vinyl records.  

If hearing is believing, hearing this table is knowing.

Upgrades available for Monaco v1.0 and v1.5 owners.   Learn more >

Tech Specs

"The Monaco v2.0 gives the music and only the music, to a greater extent than any other ‘table I’ve used." 

Roy Gregory, Audio Beat


   Technical Specs

Drive System
Proprietary direct-drive, fluid damped

Magnesium platter with proprietary coating and phosphor-bronze mass ring

Weight: 13.6 lbs.


Exclusive “True Pressure” record clamping system

Motor & Bearing
Slotless BLDC; Hydrodynamic, thrust inverted

Run-Up Time

<12 seconds to 45 rpm


33-1/3 & 45 rpm

Encoder Resolution
74K+ cycles per rev.; 298K+ counts per rev.

Speed Deviation
Peak deviation from mean = 0.00008% 3 sigma

R.M.S. deviation from mean = 0.000057%

Wow/Flutter & Rumble

Power Consumption
18VA max

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