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For exsiting Monaco v1.0 and v1.5 models, an upgrade package is available to bring your turntable to v2.0 specs.


Standard upgrade includes:

  • Motor replacement/upgrade
  • Main bearing cleaned and modified
  • Thrust bearing system cleaned and bearing upgraded
  • Phosphor Bronze flywheel upgraded
  • Computer rebuilt with new circuit boards and custom software
  • Power supply replaced with new upgraded version
  • Spindle and plinth re-polished
  • New 5 year warranty (and documentation)

* Full technical testing and break-in procedure as new purchase


Additional upgrade options include*: 

  • Adjustable APEX Footers
  • Performance treatment on platter
  • Platter/clamp color change

(*All priced separately from standard upgrade.)

Note: True Pressure™ Clamp System is an exclusive feature to the v2.0, and not available for upgrade.

Contact us to learn for information on pricing and process.

Monaco Turntable Upgrade (for v1.0/1.5 models)

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