Monaco Turntable v2.0

Introduced at CES in Las Vegas, January 2016

The Monaco v2.0 is the most frequency accurate turntable ever made—vinyl’s NEW future

  • Industry first achievement in speed accuracy—average 20 parts per billion
  • Industry first achievement in peak deviation— less than 0.0001%
  • NEW Patent Pending, True Pressure™ Record Clamping System
  • Direct drive with no seals, no belts, no gears, and no mechanical contact
  • Iconic plinth with exclusive Grand Prix Audio design and signature carbon fiber structure

Unparalleled Speed Control & Noiseless Performance

A technological leap in Speed Accuracy at average 20 parts per billion with peak deviation (speed error) of less than 0.0001% has been achieved with Grand Prix Audio’s new and revolutionary Monaco v2.0 systems. The proprietary slotless motor has an infinite pole design with a custom controller using 74,000 line encoder disc, and custom motion control with increased torque which achieves speed in just 2 revolutions. The ultrasonic speed measurement system functions far outside the realm of any playback frequency, and an active feedback loop maintains platter speed by interrogating the platter motion with actual measurements taken nearly 300,000 times per revolution. The Monaco v2.0’s achievement in frequency accuracy produces the truest possible sound from your record collection with such quiet performance, until needle touches record you can’t tell by listening whether or not the system is on.

LED True Pressure™ Clamp System

Industry first lighted clamp sensor, patent pending custom designed for the Monaco v2.0

  • NEW True Pressure™ Clamp System provides clamping accuracy like never before
  • System is self-verifying so record clamping is no longer press, guess, and hope for the best
  • Proprietary internal platter sensor evaluates and responds to pressure applied by the record
  • LED lighted spindle tip indicates when you’ve reached the correct clamping pressure
  • Smooth clamp adjustment has needle roller bearing for supple feel and extremely fine tuning
  • True Pressure™ system achieves the best record to platter contact possible for optimum playback
  • Clamp comes standard black, or a CUSTOM COLOR of your choice (added charge)


  • Materials: Carbon Fiber Plinth, Magnesium Platter, Phosphor Bronze Flywheel
  • Turntable Dimensions: 13” diameter, 5” height
  • Controller Dimensions: 8.25” deep x 6” wide x 1” tall
  • Weight w/ Controller: 40 lbs.
  • Upgrade: Other than your choice of custom COLOR for the platter and/or True Pressure™ Clamp, the only way left to improve upon the Monaco v2.0 is to support it on a Grand Prix Audio Component Isolation System. Customers also have the option to upgrade any prior version of the Monaco (1.0 or 1.5) to v2.0 performance level.

Upgrade v1.0/v1.5 to Monaco v2.0 includes:

  • Motor replaced with new version
  • Main bearing cleaned and modified
  • Thrust bearing system cleaned and bearing upgraded
  • Phosphor Bronze flywheel upgraded
  • Computer rebuilt with new circuit boards and custom software
  • Power supply replaced with new upgraded version
  • Spindle and plinth re-polished
  • New 5 year warranty, and new manual and documentation
  • Full technical testing and break-in procedure as new purchase

EXTRA CHARGE: Adjustable APEX Footers, performance treatment on platter, or platter/clamp color change all priced separately from upgrade.

Note: True Pressure™ Clamp System is an exclusive feature to the 2.0. Not available for upgrade 

Tim Aucremann, The Audio Beat compares the Monaco Turntable V 2.0 with his personal Monaco V1.5, "Before any other component comes into play, he who controls time controls the source, and he who controls the source rules the vinyl universe." Read Full Review Here


Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio proclaims a new champion in Analog playback, "Now and then, something comes along that resets the paradigm, and the Grand Prix Audio Monaco 2.0 does just that. I think it’s the world’s best turntable" Read Full Review Here



Industry and User Reviews

"With the Monaco 2.0, what I heard crossed a threshold to a new level of sonic realism that, frankly, I had no idea was possible from my system." - Tim Aucremann The Audio Beat Read More Reviews

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